An ADHD coach provides practical strategies to manage the tasks in life. My clients tend to have difficulty being organized enough to succeed. They have the necessary talent, but there is a gap between their ability and their performance.

When I meet my clients, I begin by asking them to describe the areas of their life that are a challenge. I listen carefully because I am looking for the particular organizational skills that are interfering with their ability to finish tasks. Those organizational skills are often referred to as the executive functions. I help my clients to try new strategies that work well for people who have organizational challenges. I find that it is important to develop an individually tailored approach.

As an ADHD Coach, I offer a gentle and encouraging approach. I find that many of my clients have received too much negative feedback. I believe that it is important to be positive about the progress that my clients make and to be very clear about the steps that remain to reach their goal.

A Coach And Client May Address:

  • Creating a plan to address tasks that are hard to start and/or hard to finish.

  • Constructing an organizational approach and a routine that will allow you to succeed.

  • Finding the motivation to keep moving ahead when life throws you a curveball.

  • Developing stress management skills to avoid overwhelm.

  • Reviewing your current approach to make sure it is aligned with your vision.

  • Remembering to check your “to do" list, so that you are not caught in distractions.